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NY Raid: New Time?

Cleia posted Mar 9, 14
Hey Guys,
Pandur has made a poll about changing the schedule for our NY raid, please check it out and vote!
thepandur ao The Poll is now closed. The new times are: Tuesday and Friday. Dont hesitate peeps and subscribe for the next Friday RA ...

Looking Forward

Cleia posted Mar 5, 14
Hello Guys,

With the Cabal merger making good progress, it's time to look forward again.

With your help I'd like to focus and improve our Cabal in a couple of areas:

1. Our strength has always been to be a friendly and helpful Cabal, I want to continue and improve on this as much as possible.

2. While we have a good number of active members now, we still need to bolster our ranks further. My officers and I need your help with this, please look around, there are many people looking for a Cabal! If you meet a player and think she or he might be a good a fit for our Cabal, please talk with them and contact an officer in order to recruit that player.

3. I want us to be able to do the NY raid soon again with a Cabal group, please check our Event Calendar and sign up for the raid. Pandur has agreed to become the raid leader, thank you very much for this, Pandur! Right now we might be a few players short to do the raid on a regular basis, for that I again ask you to help us recruiting new members for our Cabal.

4. We're also working on forming a regulary NM scenario Cabal group, Magna thankfully takes the initiative here, please contact him if you're interested to join up.

I'm aware that there will be some setbacks, but if we as Cabal are working together to reach these goals, much can be gained for the benefit of all of us.

Do not ask what your Cabal can do for you, ask what you can do for your Cabal :)



Brief Memo

Cleia posted Feb 14, 14
Hello Guys,
I just wanted to let you know what happened yesterday evening and what the current situation is:
Hashy and Late, along with some other "old hands", have left our Cabal.
Syri has left our Cabal just a few minutes later and made me the new Cabal leader.
I did not expected this, but these are now the facts.
What I can tell you so far is that I will not abandon our Cabal, will not abandon you. I gave my word to care for this Cabal when I became officer here, and I will take my responsibility.
On the positive side, just a few minutes after Syri and the others left, I was contacted by my fellow friends from my old Cabal, and as their Cabal is struggling like ours, we agreed upon a Cabal merger. The details are not set yet, but together with their about ten remaining active members, we will have living Cabal again, and will be probably be able to do the NY raid and other activities. I don't have further details right now and will keep you updated.
I ask for the help of everyone of you here, let us stand together in this troubled times and rebuilt our Cabal, make it again the place where all of us feel home and can play and have fun together.
Update 18.02.2014:
Hi all,
Just a brief update as promised:
Magna and Pandur accepted to step up as officers, thank you very much, guys :)
Now we have three active officers again, one from each merging Cabal plus me, who will be online regulary and help organizing stuff like NM runs, events, etc.
The Cabal merger will start in the next few days, I'm very happy that we'll have a living Cabal again and have the opportunity to enjoy the game together :)
Yours Cleia
Hello guys !

Almost half of february already, and as Valentine day is coming fast, so does the last part of the filth event. Indeed, on last saturday, the last chapter of the filth event started.
During this event we will get to fight the big flappy filth bird and unlike previous Filth run, you will be able to get some very interesting rewards, such as purple signet bag, Astral and criterions !!

So don't wait, visit Agartha now and contribute on the event, we should be able to kick somes Flappees's ass within the next few days !

So far, still no news about Tokyo. The issue is still not on test live so we will have to wait longer. However Issue 10 is promised very soon after we get issue 9, so don't stay iddle, keep training, keep gearing up as we might have to be ready for major filth battles !

Concerning the cabal, we recently  recruited a bunch of nice and friendly guys, if you havn't already, you may bul.. herm, get to know them ^^
With these new members we should be able to see the Thursday NY raid back as a regular activity shortly.

To make it easier for the cabal, continue to explore your role. We still need more dps to stand as range dps (Assault Rifle/something) and we are still looking for a new podcatcher. Extanding your current spec to healing/leeching could also help.

Finally, me and my officers have agreed on Scenarios Rules. Cabal scenarios runs will now be done with Master loot option and loot will be shared with a suicidal king waiting list. A post with more details will be made in the cabal's section of the forum soon.

Have fun in The Secret World !

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